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It’s erratic. It’s unreasonable. It’s self-indulgent. It’s whacky. It’s bumpy. It’s mental. It’s experimental. It’s awesome. That’s what i feel about AIYYAA. May be i am making too much hype and hoopla about a very simple film. But this is what my reaction was and this was what i was thinking while watching the entire movie. I knew the story of the movie beforehand itself, as it is a remake of one of the beautiful marathi film, GANDHA (Fragrance). GANDHA was an amalgamation of three different stand-alone stories which were somewhere related / connected to fragrance. Taking a cue from one of the stories, Sachin Kundalkar (Writer, Director of GANDHA) made AIYYAA.

The story is simple and yet interesting. However what i liked most about this film is the way it is handled. Sachin Kundalkar has given altogether different treatment to the entire film, which i suppose will not be liked by everyone. There were several tangents in the movie, which Sachin never tried to explicitly explain them to the audience. I liked that approach. The entire story-telling was altogether different and you can feel that from the first sequence of the film, that something is not routine about this film. Its rubbishly excellent movie :-).The characters are crafted in an innovative manner, that you think, pakka there is some chemical locha in the brain of the director. But you tend to love that chemical locha.

The character of Myna, enacted brilliantly and hilariously by Anita Date was one such whacky character. Most strikingly you will notice the outfits that she has put on in this entire film. They are just so disgustingly different and enjoyable. You will just have fun experiencing it. On top it her infatuation for John Abraham and epitome of her infatuation is the door-bell on the main door of her house. These things are just out of this world.

The character of Nana, Rani’s brother in the film, is enacted by Amey Wagh. He has also done complete justice to his part. I mean what all scenes that he has done, he has left his mark on it. Similarly about Jyoti Subhash. Now really speaking, even if her character would not have been there, it would have hardly mattered. However now as she is in the film, you just can’t ignore her. The mechanical wheel-chair in which she roams around in the house, the manner in which she constantly blabbers something relevantly about the sequence of the film, you just can’t ignore her. Also her golden teeth and her goggle. That’s just too much. She has hardly had any major dialogues in the entire film but story still makes you feel her presence always.

Talking about Nirmiti Sawant, Rani’s mother in the film, she too has brilliantly played her character. I specifically loved the scene where she repeatedly says one dialogue (about Rani making awesome ‘Pohe’ and ‘Shrikhand’) for more than three times in a decreasing intensity. This shows the talent of director in conveying simple things but with different intensity and style. Also Rani’s father enacted by Satish Alekar, was one such other memorable character. You tend to remember him specifically for just one dialogue which he utters at the end of the movie where his facial expressions and dialogue delivery is just kamaal..!There was not much scope for Subodh Bhave, but he has definitely done justice to what all scenes he was part of. Similarly Prithviraj has enacted Surya very well. The mannerisms of an artist and that too of a painter are very well portrayed.

Finally we now discuss Rani Mukerji!!! No words to describe. Simply superb. I mean the acting, dance, the latkas and jhatkas all AWESOME. I specifically liked the lavani and the south indian song in which Rani has just let herself loose. She has also done justice to the belly dancing sequence. She has literally lived on-screen a typical Puneri maharashtrian middle class family mulgi. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography was awesome, especially for the lavani. The lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya were too good along with the music of Amit Trivedi. Even the background score was also setting proper mood for the sequences in the film.

Last but not the least, one most prominent thing about this movie was the backdrops that were used in the arts college. The curtain made out of audio cassettes, the tree made out of yellow umbrellas, the green robo etc. It was just awesome!

Overall the film was good, apart from a bit longer second half, which could have been a bit shorter. But that’s just a small lacuna. Overall this experimental / mental film leaves a good impact on the audience, not all though. Some sections of the audience will not love it, while some may enjoy it to its core. I mean though i knew the movie’s suspense, but i could still enjoy the movie and i feel that’s where the director has left his mark. There would be many like me who must have seen GANDHA, but i am sure they still would love this as well.

We saw this movie at BFI (British Film Institute) Film Festival in London, at Odeon Westend, Leicester Square and we literally enjoyed the overall experiment and a novel idea. People applauded after the movie ended.I think if you have appetite to digest something different, then please go ahead and go WAKDA and watch AIYYAA…!

K Sarang