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I once heard that an epic novel or film should be such that it should revolve around more than 25-30 characters and the author/director should weave the story in between these characters, in such a fashion that all the characters leave their mark and the overall impact is magnanimous. Same feeling i got after i watched yet another creation of Anurag Kashyap…Gangs of Wasseypur!

Let me be upfront in telling that this film will NOT entertain you. Its infact not meant to be. This film, i feel, has a different genre all-together. Though this film is about revenge, but this is not a stereotypical bollywood revenge film. The canvas of this film is so very large that while watching the film your jaw drops for Anurag Kashyap and you keep wondering how the hell could he make such a film. I mean not only story wise but characters wise, direction wise and overall impact wise. I personally think this is a very difficult movie to make. By this i mean the manner in which he has created a big picture out of a complex jig-saw puzzle. In just two and half hours he takes you through the gory, heinous era of three generations and the associated rivalry.

The first part of the movie gives you enough references of what is what and who is who. I personally found it a bit confusing, but later on it starts making sense and you yourself realize that now the complete picture is getting formed as and when the pieces perfectly fits in the jig-saw, where it is meant to be. After interval, in the second part, the interest level further goes up and it leads to a shocking end, which just makes you feel that film should further continue. And thats the success of the entire film…i mean just the first part. After the credits for the first part were over, trailer for the second part was shown, which convincingly ensures that people who have loved the first part, will eagerly wait for the second part to release.

The strong points of this film apart from story, stupendous direction, lightwork and camera movement are the performances by each and every small artist. The main hero…(villain in this case :-)) is Manoj Bajpai, who has yet another time proved his acting potential and has raised the bar. (Similar to the manner in which he played Bhiku Mhatre in Satya). He has so very well got in to the skin of the character that no other actor could have played Sardar Khan, the manner in which Manoj has played. I do not know the names of all the characters that have played the roles but all have certainly done justice to their roles to the fullest. But still i could not forget Tigmanshu Dhulia for his path-breaking performance as Ramadhir Singh. Also Piyush Mishra, whose voice over makes an attempt for the viewers to connect the dots. Piyus Mishra’s voice has a strong quality of acceptance and integrity. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also played his part well, but after i saw the trailer of second part, it seems that second part is all about him. So lets talk about him in the review of the second part, few days from now.

Dialogues of this movie also need to be discussed. Mostly all the dialogues are downright below the belt or double meaning. But still that goes well with the atmosphere of the film. The songs are also good and used at appropriate times. The GUN song is so apt at that point in time that you praise Anurag for the use of it in the film.

Finally i would conclude saying that this film, for sure, will be used as a study material in FTII or NSD. As this film breaks all the conventional barriers of bollywood film making and shows a new way in which an epic can be created. Can’t wait for the second part to get released…!

K Sarang