Case 1: (To a person in front) “Boss jara gadi aage badhana…!” (After that a vehicle from behind hits this mans vehicle causing dent , then this man to the person behind) “G***U gadi nahi dikhi kya aage ki…” (Result: Argument  intensifies and results into a proper street fight on the petrol pump)

Case 2: “Bhaiya 10 litre dalna…!” After filling the petrol calls his friend, “Rahulya…aaj 10 litre bhar liya bhai petrol…kaal se daam badhane waale hai…apni activa ki tanki fullllll!” (person ecstatic, euphoria equivalent to winning a 1 crore lottery :-))

Case 3: Person in Honda Accord, waiting in line at petrol pump for 2 hours, in a frustrating voice, “Aagey waali Etios shayad pura petrol pump khaali karegi…iski to *** ka…” (However he also has the same intention of filling in as much as possible)

These were some of the incidents that i saw after i got down from my office bus and was walking past the petrol pump on my way to home. While some of the incidents were narrated by some of my office colleagues who went to the petrol pump to fill in as much as possible before the cut off time of 12 am midnight. After listening to their justification of how they felt relieved after filling in the petrol before the hike came into action, how the petrol pumps were jammed by never ending queues and how crooked the petrol pump owners are etc., i seriously felt like laughing and also felt how futile it was. I mean seriously, what these people must have saved, hardly 80 rupees for two-wheeler and max 160 to 250 rupees for four- wheeler.

Can we really justify the time, energy, frustration, petrol (as you have to constantly start and stop the vehicle while moving in the queue) spent just to save 80 rupees?? I completely condemn the hike in the petrol prices and i also respect the value of money. But having said that, when we compare that saved money against the other things that we loose (as mentioned above), then i think we in fact loose more than we actually save. 

We itself say that “Time is Money”, but people loose 2 hours just to save 80 rupees, combined with:

  • the frustration of waiting in the line,
  • someone denting your vehicle from back unknowingly (the cost of which can be much higher than the money that is saved by filling in the petrol before the hike is imposed), 
  • unnecessary arguments with either the petrol pump guys or other people.

Do you really think you gain from all this?? The behavior of the people at petrol pumps yesterday was as if those saved 80 rupees would really decide their fate or it is going to make them rich forever or if not saved then they are going to instantly go below poverty line. I seriously have nothing against anyone nor do i demean the importance of money and going forward i also did not like the hike in petrol price. But i think that our actions should justify whether we are really gaining anything worthwhile from our act or not.

Lastly, i would say everyone has the right to act as per their conscience and what they feel is right. I just jotted down the thoughts that came to my mind after seeing and listening about the incidents since yesterday. I know many people will not like what i am saying and i completely respect that. I think this is just the matter of difference of opinion and i expect others also to respect that :-). 

K Sarang