सुख विकणे आहे…

दोन का होईना पण शब्द प्रेमाचे
आपुल्या माणसासाठी दोन थेंब घामाचे
दुर्मिळ जे झाले ते आज शिकणे आहे
नाहीतर बाजारी लागेल पाटी ‘येथे सुख विकणे आहे…’

येतो भरून ऊर थोपटता कौतुकाने पाठ
कुरवाळीता थोडे, नयनी आसवांची लाट
भुकेला ज्यास माणूस, ती लवकर शमविणे आहे
नाहीतर बाजारी लागेल पाटी ‘येथे सुख विकणे आहे…’

स्पर्शाचीतर बातच न्यारी, ती औरच काही भाषा
मनी नेमके कोठे वाटते बरे, ह्याचा नाही काही नकाशा
घाई न केल्यास स्पर्शाची ती जाणीव गमाविणे आहे
नाहीतर बाजारी लागेल पाटी ‘येथे सुख विकणे आहे…’

पेरता सुखाचे बीज, उगवते रोपटे सुखाचे
नाहीतर केवळ पाझरते नुसते पाणी सर्वत्र दुखाचे
शब्दरूपी व्याव्हाररूपी केवळ सुख वाटणे आहे
नाहीतर बाजारी लागेल पाटी ‘येथे सुख विकणे आहे…’

This poem is inspired by a story of the same name which i have read long back. The author was THE GREAT VAPU KALE. This story, very simply, puts forth that the basic need of human, is the feeling of being wanted, liked and loved. Now there are ways in which this feeling can be expressed. This story is a fantasy where the couple realizes that all those good words and actions that make people happy are not practiced in the contemporary world. Hence finally they decide to make a business out of the same and opens up a shop named “Sukh Wikane Ahe” (Happiness on Sale). How there shop runs and what happens to the couple in the end, is for you to read and find out. But the main and the most important message that he intends to give from that story is that human beings are basically starving for small, inexpensive yet powerful words, gestures that makes their life more beautiful and meaningful. I know in practical world we may sometimes not be able to follow the same. But atleast we may strive for the best.

The best example that he quotes (which i still remember) is, to just say a person who has just arrived from the hectic day’s work, “How was your day…you must really be tired!”. According to him just these words will make wonders!And i have also experienced the same, being on both the sides (i.e. by saying this to someone and also feeling good after receiving it from someone). That story is filled with all such examples. After reading it you seriously realize that words certainly have lot of power, if used in proper manner and at appropriate times.But having said that, just would like to quote that the words that you say should be by heart and not by compulsion or simply put, should not be fake. The other person should really feel that someone cares.He should actually feel that warmth. And i believe that if you say something by heart, the recepient also most of the times, recevies it equally by heart and vice versa.

The whole point of this poem is to ask everyone (including me) to start practicing that in our day to day life or else the day is not far when that fantasy will turn into reality. Someone might actually come up with such a store where we will have to pay and listen to those good words for feeling good. Quite possible…right??

K Sarang