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हसण्याचाही आता धंदा झाला
गोष्ट कांद्याच्या कानी पडताच सारा वांदा झाला
मनी कांद्याच्या वाटून गेले
चिरताच मला कैक कंठ दाटून गेले
का न बदलावे आपुले रूप
कापताना कांदा हसवावे खूप
विचार मनी तो पक्का केला
लाफिंग क्लब मध्ये मग कांदा गेला
जाण्याचे कारण एकाच होते
हसणारे लोक कांद्याला माहीतच नव्हते
बघून तो हसण्याचा कृत्रिम प्रयत्न
यायला लागले अनेक प्रश्न कांद्याच्या मनातनं
दुखः आधीच इतके होते
खरच सांगतो मजला ठाऊक नव्हते
“हसणे म्हणजे स्वाभाविक गोष्ट” ऐसे ऐकून होतो मी
“हसणेही आता कृत्रिम झाले” ह्या गावीही नव्हतो मी
जर खरच दुखः इतुके आहे
वरून मी त्यात त्यांना रडवितो आहे
हाय ! कसले पाप झाले माझ्या हातून
प्रायश्चित करीन मी त्याचे मनातून
इतके बोलून कांदा रडला
क्षमा मागायला देवाच्या पाई पडला
देवही कांद्यास प्रसन्न झाले
कळवळून तेही कांद्यास म्हणाले
वाईट वाटून तू घेऊ नकोस खूप
घडविण्या तुला झाली माझी मोठी चूक
आशीर्वाद मी तुला आज ऐसा देतो
दिला नसेल कोणास तैसा देतो
आजपासूनजोतुला ( कांद्याला ) कापेल
इतके म्हणताच देवाने कांदे कापले
आणि हसत हसतच कसेबसे कांद्याला “तथास्तु” म्हणाले…!

This poem is a tribute to today’s World Laughter Day (6th May)..! Dont just express your laughter in words, i mean by writing LOL, ROFL, LMAO, ROFLMAO etc. Just implement it in the day to day life as well, to the extent as possible. With this i just want to quote OSHO’s views on laughter. They are so profound and very true…just read it.

Laughter is far more sacred than prayer, because prayer can be done by any stupid person; it does not require much intelligence. Laughter requires intelligence, it requires presence of mind, a quickness of seeing into things. A joke cannot be explained: either you understand it or you miss it. If it is explained it loses the whole point; hence no joke can be explained. Either immediately you get it…. If you don’t get it immediately then you can try to find out the meaning of it; you will find out the meaning, but the joke will not be there. It was in the immediacy. Humor needs presence, utter presence. It is not a question of analysis, it is a question of insight.

Laughter brings life to you. And if you can laugh totally there are a few more things to be understood. In deep laughter the ego disappears, it is not found at all. You can’t have both laughter and the ego. If the ego is there it will keep you serious. All egoists are serious people, and all serious people are egoists.

To be able to laugh, you need to be like a child — egoless. And when you laugh, suddenly laughter is there, you are not. You come back when the laughter is gone. When the laughter is disappearing far away, when it is subsiding, you come back, the ego comes back. But in the very moment of laughter you have a glimpse of egolessness.

When you laugh…. It has to be a belly laughter. It should not be just superficial, it should not be just polite, it should not be just a mannerism.

Osho is great…and so are his thoughts.

By the way before i end, i would just like to elaborate more on the full forms of the abbreviations used before. I know most of us…specifically the Gen “Y” crowd must be knowing the full form…but still for those who do not know, here they are:

LOL : Laugh Out Loud

ROFL : Rolling On the Floor Laughing

LMAO : Laugh My Ass Off

ROFLMAO : Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off

So…Keep laughing..!

K Sarang