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It was pure; It was innocent; It was honest; It was nostalgic; It was fun.

Even after saying all this i feel i am still falling short of words to describe how beautiful this movie was. It was such an emotionally engaging experience, that it stays with you for long even after you have left the cinema hall. And that’s where the success of this movie lies. The story has an element of realism and the raw and the honest manner in which it is presented, hats off!!! Literally.

From the first frame of the movie, you instantly recognize that this is not a normal “popcorn” movie, which will just entertain you and give you your time and money’s worth. This is something beyond that. The subject is not new, but the presentation, dialogues, the acting of the entire crew, the background music, direction, story…i mean you name it and they have done it exceptionally well in this film.

Many other people have tried this subject before, but handling it in such an intense and at the same time humorous manner was commendable. I am damn sure while watching this movie; each and every one will remember his/her school days and will unknowingly feel the nostalgia. Nowhere in the movie will you feel that this dialogue should not have been here or this scene was of no use or why this scene is shot in this manner. The reason i am specifically mentioning this is because, such type of so called ‘experimental’ or ‘non commercial’ movies generally have some unrelated scenes/dialogues which are beyond the reach of anyone and they are still accepted under the sweet name of “Creativity”. And because no one understands that, these type of movies generally get the status of “art film” “abstract film or “only for critics” etc. But this is absolutely not the case with this one.

This is the kind of movie:

  • which will really make you restless,
  • which will disturb you over the good times gone by,
  • which will make you sad for the reason that those days will never come again,
  • which will give you goose bumps when you try to search yourself in this movie,
  • which will make you laugh and cry over the feelings of that wonderful age,
  • which will certainly make you feel that “those were the best days of my life”

What i also liked about this movie was, this movie touches all the major and unforgettable events in anyone’s school life. For e.g.: school trip, tuitions, results and most importantly the core subject of this movie, “puppy love” :-). This delicate subject is handled with utmost care and maturity.

Even though the subject is well known, storytelling is really an art. And this movie certainly has that most important element of storytelling, of continuously letting the viewers say, “now what next”. The second most important aspect was direction and that too was fantabulous.I would specifically like to mention some scenes which were the best:

  • When Joshya feels euphoric after Shirodkar tells him to regularly attend the tuitions. That euphoria has been metaphorically captured by the high flying bird accompanied by amazing background score
  • the camp fire scene, where the central character’s visuals and subtle expressions are captured beautifully
  • the scenic view of the entire village etc

What i also liked about this movie was the performances of, obviously Ketaki Mategaonkar and Anshuman Joshi, but most prominently two more characters:

  • Mhatre (Joshya’s friend, for his dialogue delivery and comic timing), infact all three kids which played joshya’s friends were amazing and natural.
  • Nandu Madhav (role of Joshya’s father, very small role but impactful and thoughtful)

Vaibhav Mangle and Amruta Khanvilkar were totally wasted in this movie. Santosh Juvekar, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Anand Ingale, Jitendra Joshi, Devki Daftardar did complete justice to their roles. But the real ‘rock stars’ of this movie were: Ketaki Mategaonkar and Anshuman Joshi!

Last but not the least, this movie was a beautiful engaging experience because of:

  • Solid story, hats off to Milind Bokil (movie is based on his novel by same name)
  • Solid direction, hats off to Sujay Dahake
  • Ultimate background music, hats off to Aloknanda Dasgupta

If you would like to revisit YOUR old school days and memories, this movie is for you…!

K Sarang