In London, below the Tower Bridge one graffiti writer/painter has written:

“Politicians are people who will promise to build a bridge even where no river exists!”

The reason i am remembering this is, its election time and all of a sudden the ever hibernating political leaders have come out of their long state of inactivity and have announced major pathbreaking plans for overall development. Daily after coming from the office, i see that there are minimum two political pamphlets at the door waiting for me. The overall presentation in all those pamphlets is worth observing, really.

  • All the pamphlets will have a beautiful and fresh looking photo of their leader (Godfather/Godmother) who will most likely NOT know the area where it is getting distributed ;-).
  • Then in the second rung there will be an ever-smiling (close up smile literally) photo of the second most important person of that political party. (There is a strict warning given to the printing agency personnel, that the entire political hierarchy of that party should appear on the given space…and that too in cost effective manner :-))
  • Lastly there will be a photo of the person who is the ‘able’ candidate, willing to contest the election from that particular area.
  • One more interesting observation about the candidate’s photo is, before election, there dress code will be as simple as possbile, so that they can literally look like Nagar “SEVAK”.

***After election or during there birthday’s or even for any other un-related occasion also, the nature and style of their photos will drastically change. They will then flaunt as much wealth as possible in those photos. I have seen a potrait/flex of one so called “Gold Plated” Nagar Sevak with gold ornaments from top to bottom, a mobile in one hand and a ‘Ray-Ban’ goggle tucked between the first two buttons of the shirt [mostly white or some other flamboyantly extravagant color, for which i do not have any description. You will have to use your creativity there!!], congratulating the Indian team for Winning the World Cup !!! I mean it was so hilarious. That gold, the entire pomp and show for wishing the Indian team was really ridiculous and totally unrelated :-). By the way, flaunting GOLD ornaments is a new fashion statement in political leaders now-a-days***

  • That pamphlet will then have all the artificially sweet and emotional description about how he/she is the one deserving candidate and what differences he/she can make.
  • It will have documentary evidences of work they have ‘REALLY’ done. Note : If observed properly you will easily make out that some of the photos are just taken for the sake of that pamphlet.
  • It will have details about the schemes that they are currently running for the people of that area. Some of them include : free pancard scheme, free trip to some holy place (Holy places because that is the safe choice to fool around :-)) and what not !

I have collected more than 10 pamphlets of different parties till now and all have more or less the same things that they are promising to the people. Daily going through all this trash, i have sincerely started feeling one thing very strongly.

If leaders around us are so caring and are so serious about the overall progress, then why should not all the leaders actually unite together and expedite all the development works rather than printing and distributing such pamphlets and undertaking politically-biased schemes ???

Point to Ponder..!

K Sarang