Incident 1:

I was at the funeral and we were all grim faced and trying to console the family of the deceased. There was still time for the final procession. We were all seated and the atmosphere was really serious. Its so uncomfortable at such times that you dont know what to say and how to react. But we were all silent.And from nowhere, all of a sudden we heard Himesh’s song with high decibels, “Zalak Dikhla Ja, Ek Baar Aa Ja Aa Ja Aa Ja Aa Ja, Aaaa Ja!”

We were all wonderstruck. For a brief moment of time, people forgot to cry and all started searching the person who had a mobile phone with such a ring tone and with such a high volume level. Finally the person was spotted, but he too hurriedly got up and left the premises as fast as he could. However all the people gave an angry look at him and ignored the incident. But all said and done, because of that small incident the seriousness of the incident was diluted.

Incident 2:

This time again i was at the funeral, but at the grave yard. Family members were all busy with the final riots. After all the rituals were done, we were about to place the body in the electric furnace. One mobile phone ranged and the ringtone was so not apt at that moment. The ringtone was a marathi song, “Ruperi Walut Madanchya Banat Yena”. Here we are trying to place the body properly in the furnace and the background music is, “Ruperi Walut Madanchya Banat Yena”(A Marathi romantic song). This may sound a little-bit harsh but i felt like laughing at that moment because of the situational comedy that took place at that point in time.

These two incidents were a perfect example of how just a mobile ring tone can make a paradigm shift in the entire atmosphere. I mean i do not have any objection over the type and language of the ring tone you keep. The only issue is it should not create a fiasco out of nothing. I know these two were the extreme examples (directly dealing with death :-)). But i am sure you people must have experienced this everywhere. I mean the most common places where you come across this is a Play, Movie, Lectures, Doctor’s OPD area, Office floors etc. Though people are warned about keeping there phones on silent, but they still ignore the same and then become the target of people’s rage.

One more irritating thing that you must have experienced, is the volume of the ring tone. The volume of the ring tone should ideally be enough for the bearer to understand that he is getting a call. And on top of it there is a Vibrating alert feature as well in all the mobiles. But knowing all this, people will still keep the volume to the top of their levels, irritating the others in the vicinity and ineffect increasing omnipresent sound pollution.

How to use mobiles and what ringtone and volume settings to be kept, are all the personal choices. But people should atleast make their mobiles behave properly in public and make sure that it does not dilute the environment in wrong fashion.

I am no behavioral expert, but these were some incidences and thoughts that were on the top of my mind since last few days, hence thought of flushing them…!

K Sarang