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Since last so many days i wanted to share this. These two songs of Shubha Mudgal from her album “Mann Ki Manjeree” are very special. This is because, not only are they melodious but they also spread a very good message. Actually when i first listened to these songs long back (about 7 years back), there were no music videos created for them. Now they are on YouTube. Not stretching it further, these two songs are:

  • Maati
  • Babul

“Maati” is very very melodious..! Just listen to this song on an iPod/Walkman/Mp3…i mean directly into your ears, you will just love it. Shubha Mudgal has sung it with such honesty and purity that, it touches your heart. Lyrics are written by Prasoon Joshi…yes the lyricist of “Hum-Tum”, “Rang De Basanti” and many other famous films. He is also known for his Coca-Cola “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” ad-campaign with Aamir Khan. Anyways coming back to “Maati”. However after i saw the video on YouTube, i even liked it more. Mandira Bedi and Samir Soni has done proper justice with the mood of the song. And how can i not mention the message given in the music video. They have made the proper use of this melodious song for spreading awareness about AIDS. Just listen to this song…i mean, with headphones/ear-plugs preferably :-)!!!

“Babul” is just other wonderful song, which primarily speaks about Domestic Violence. The lyrics of this song are so meaningful and metaphorically beautiful (or the other way round ;-)), that while listening, you would unknowningly get involved with each and every line of the song and visualize what the lyricist wishes to potray. The music video of this song as well, is very impacful and hard hitting. The song is in “Folk” genre and i loved the way Shubha Mudgal has sung it. Specially note the manner in which this song ends in an abrupt fashion, signifying FREEDOM according to me. Instead of me describing it further, i think VIDEO IS WORTH THOUSAND WORDS !!! 🙂

I feel both of these songs were destined for the great, Shubha Mudgal only. As per me no other singer could have done any better justice to these songs, than Shubha Mudgal.Just listen and enrich your musical experience…!

K Sarang

P.S: Music for these two songs is composed by Shantanu Moitra, (3 Idiots and Lage Raho Munna-Bhai fame). Brilliant stuff !