Well, we all read/see/hear about real life heroes. We all appreciate their work and at times we do take inspiration from it and try to follow their footsteps to some extent. But this time it was really different. The reason for that was, this time the legend/the hero was none other than my own blood relative…my (maternal) uncle…Suresh Khanapurkar.

I am not sure if you have heard about this name. But just to give you an introduction…this man has created wonders in the field of WATER…the most precious and yet the most wasted commodity of the present world.

After spending the entire official-life as Geologist, uncle started consulting on the issues related to water (canals, underground water level, wells etc) post retirement. He was encouraged by Mr.Amrish Bhai Patel from Shirpur. Working on issues related to water in Shirpur for past several years, this man has literally created magic there. Because of his work, underground water level in that part of the region has increased and this has benefitted all the people, especially farmers of that area. He worked relentelessly, without ever caring for any publicity or any credit. I think it was not him, but his solid work that made such a loud buzz, that many, then starting taking cognizance of him and his work.He was recognized for the work he is doing and was felicitated in numerous functions and numerous platforms (both political and non-political) . People now call him by many names like:

  • Pan-Deveta (God of Water)
  • Bhagirath (Saint who is believed to have brought river Ganga [Ganges] on earth)
  • Pani Wale Baba
  • etc…

I think this was all about his work and his excellence. But having said this, i firmly believe that SUCCESS will always choose a person with good wisdom,thoughts ,good deeds/actions and person with a quality of perseverance. I was seeing my uncle since childhood but was never aware about the type of work he is doing or the thoughts that he nurtures and act upon. It was during our family function last week, when we all decided to felicitate him, we asked certain questions to him about his journey and what his beliefs are. He said:

“Worship is not spending hours together in temple nor does it mean to sing bhajans and hymns in the praise of The Almighty. True meaning of worship is : To do ones work very very sincerely. If you are sweeper, then his definition of worship should be to sweep very very sincerely, similarly if someone is an IT professional (just to be relevant with the type of generation and crowd :-)), then his/her worship should be to whole heartedly deliver the work with best quality and integrity possible. True worship is to be HONEST with what you do!!!

We all were just listening to him and getting enlightened, while he was telling all this. Further he said, “I do not believe in God worship, because i do get the feeling of worshipping God daily :

  • when i get blessings from the farmers for the resolution of the water problem
  • when i help the needy (helping farmers for buying Pumps, seeds etc)
  • when i see the smiling face of the farmer seeing his lush green crops in the fields.”

This list is endless. He was speaking with such integrity and devotion that it was straightway hitting my conscience. This was because, he was saying what he has been following throughout his life.I was so very impressed by his thoughts that i have decided to follow them to some extent going forward.

From this, i can infer only one thing, that universe works on the “Boomrang” principle. The more good you give, the more good you get. The more harder you work, the more luckier you get. And i can say that with authority, because i have an example of my own uncle who had done miracles in what he is doing. To come this far, he has worked very hard in grim circumstances, since childhood. He will never think twice before helping others. And i think that is why universe is also paying him rich dividends in some form or the other.

Today is the last day of the year and a day to make new year resolutions. I have already made my list. But most importantly, i wish to learn and follow from this Legend (my uncle, Suresh Khanapurkar), is to give the best in whatever i do next year…and for many years to come!

With this positive note, i wish him and everyone a very happy new year and a prosperous and a wonderful life ahead…!

K Sarang