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Most of our behaviour has a direct link to the items/thoughts/contents of our sub-conscious mind.Most individuals learn by a cycle of continuous repetition. It is this same cycle of repetition into our subconscious mind that will allow us to change our thinking/behaviour/actions.Having said that, i still do not understand how can people watch serials like:

  • Balika Vadhu (Colors)
  • Crime Patrol (Sony)
  • Emotional Attyachaar (UTV Bindaas)
  • Guntata Hruday He (Zee Marathi)
  • Big Boss (Colors)

etc…in front of their kids, who have no basic conscience of what they are seeing is worth their(kids) understanding or not.Seriously the reason for writing this with so much gravity is, off late it so happened that many of the people that i have met, were telling that their kid either like serials like the ones mentioned above OR they watch it with their kids.

I seriously feel that human mind, of whosover it may be (a grown up or a kid), is always receiving signals from the real world and unknowingly storing it somewhere. Even if the grown ups give reasons like:

  • we just see the saas-bahu serials for the make up and jewellery (especially ladies)
  • we just see serials for time pass (parents/kids etc)
  • we just see the serials for entertainment (common excuse)
  • we just see the serials to get acquainted with realty
  • we see that particular serial because at that time we have our dinner


but the ultimate truth is that even if you are noticing the other things, for which you are watching the serial,your sub-concious mind will still capture whatever you see/hear…EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATENTION TO IT. And thats where i feel that we should not be exposed to such shitty serials and tv programs. I know people may arguive that, who are you to define what’s bad and good, because GOOD or BAD is relative. To this, i completely agree but i can definetely tell that serials shown in the prime time in current times are definetely not at all watchable by kids especially and to some extent by grown ups as well.

I know many of you will disagree to this. But i firmly believe that more you expose yourself to such hopeless soap serials and exaggerated family drama (with irritating background music, unwanted camera movements and totally untrue reflection of current society), the more you stuff yourself with the negativity that is shown in those programs. And i still cannot fathom, what effect it must be making on the minds of those kids who are watching these serials, either knowingly or unknowingly.

[ Note: Above mentioned are the observations that i made and it should not be taken for granted that i also do see such serials]

But after giving such opinion, people then say, what should we and kids see on the TV??? To that i feel that instead of watching such serials, there are many other things to do like:

  • Watching shows on Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel and Living
  • Watching ‘GOOD’ cartoons on the kids channel
  • Reading good books
  • Watching Good movies (for kids and others)
  • Watching good documentaries

This topic is actually debatable but there certainly cannot be a debate on the impact that these serials have on the mind of KIDS especially. They are unknowingly bombarded with these third class serials, only because the grown ups in the house watch it and cannot control there desire to stop watching it for the sake of their habit.

This thought actually came from the documentary “The Secret”. In that documentary it is specifically mentioned that we should expose our highly receptive mind to only positive, happy, motivating thoughts. There is enough sadness, cruelty, hopelessness in this world, but that dosent mean that we should flood our minds with that data by constantly exposing ourself to such news (either print or media), programs etc.We should be in control of what we see and what we hear. And thats true for our kids as well.

I will add to this topic later as and when more thoughts flow in…but this is what was going through my mind since so many days and hence thought of sharing this!


K Sarang