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Yes ! that was my reaction after i saw this play today. No Story, No Theme, No Subject…absolutely nothing…! It was crap. Though the play was housefull but this will not be the case in the coming weeks, i guess :-).

Plot on which the entire play is based, is itself flawed and not acceptable.On top of it the performances were not so great, except that of Sandeep Pathak (that too was loud but acceptable, considering the overall plot).

I think “Chaar Divas Premache”,”Eka Lagnachi Goshta” and “Gela Madhav Kunikade” were by far the best performances of Prashant Damle. The actions, the timing and the overall delivery of dialouge displayed in those plays were too good and that guranteed laughter always. But that dosent mean that he should repeat the same in all his other plays.In this play as well, i found most of his actions repeated. And to be specific most of them were from “Eka Lagnachi Goshta”. The scenes and his next moves were so predictable that i didnt feel like laughing even once.

Reema Lagoo was also ok. Nothing so great. I mean, you did not feel anything special while she is was on the stage. Also the comic timing was not that great.

The only notable (amongst them atleast :-)) performance was from Sandeep Pathak and his typical way of laughing.He is a very good actor and this he has proved from some his performances in serials like “Ghadlay-Bighadlay”, “Tikal te Political”, in the plays like :” Twenty-Thirty” and in the movie “Nishani Dava Anghatha”.

But after all said and done, i would still reiterate that the main culprit was the SCRIPT. If that would have been some what better and logical, then it would have been a lot more bearable and enjoyable experience.

Nothing much to write about.

Lastly i would only like to say that this play will only be enjoyed by the people who have not seen Prashant Damle’s earlier plays, that i mentioned above. For them its a real treat. Probably if they would be seeing Prashant’s performance for the first time, then script would even not matter for them. But for seasoned play/natak going crowd, this play is absolutely a NO NO…!

K Sarang