From the first scene, this movie will hit you so hard and its impact will lasts till the end of movie and even after that…and i am still under that impact, hence thought of sharing this experience with you all.

The subject of the movie is based around the farmers suicide from the Vidharbha region of India(areas in and around Nagpur in Maharashtra). The dialect used in this movie is typical “VARHADI” language and that was one another reason i could connect with the movie so well. But wait, having said that, this moive has a universal appeal, because of the sutle language that this movie speaks throughout.

I saw this movie for the first time in 2010 September and i liked it so very much that i instantly recommeded this to some of my friends(from similar agriculture/farm background). Their response was also the same.The most important thing to note about this movie is that though it is based on such a serious issue, but it still takes the (black humor) comic route and still makes sure that impact is not reduced even by fraction of a percent.

The movie is all about the family trying their best to refrain the central character (played by Girish Kulkarni) from thinking about committing suicide or any such drastic step. His wife (played by Sonali Kulkarni) tries all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to reduce his tension and see some happiness on his face. Those innocent attempts are so good that you really dont understand whether to laugh at those scenes being played in the film or be sad about the underlying thought from which these scenes originate. The act of sending their son everywhere to keep an eye on him and the scenes that follow because of that are really touching.

I specifically was touched by the scene when Sonali Kulkarni has no money and still tries to buy stuff for preparing “Puran-Poli” on credit. The acting at that time is so really good. Also the underplay by Girish Kulkarni is too good. The character played by the person who always  listens to radio mirchi and discourages Girish Kulkarni about the current situation is also remarkable. Jyoti Subhash in the role of widowed mother also does justice to the character played. About the dialouges, all of them are in typical Varhadi flavour and are meaningful. Music and background score is an add on and helps create a proper impact.

Notable scenes to watch out for are:

  • Opening scene
  • Sonali Kulkarni pulling Girish Kulkarni away from the well, assuming he is committing suicide
  • Kid urinating while the final rites of the farmer ,which committed suicide, are going on
  • The final heart wrenching shout by Jyoti Subhash

There are other scenes as well, but these were the ones which i liked the most. After watching this movie i really felt sorry for the sad plight of farmers. I used to hear about it from people around, news etc. But i understood the real gravity of situation after i saw this movie.

Even though the movie has a tragic end, but one thing that i liked the most was the never say die attitude of the central characters (Girish and Sonali Kulkarni) even in such grim circumstances.

If you really wish to have a closer and most importantly the more realistic (without the melodramatic and unrealistic content) view of the farmer of modern India from Vidharbha, then this movie is a must see.

K Sarang

P.S: Just for reference, the awards for the movie which didnt have the money to distribute this movie initially.

  • Best Marathi Film – Pune International Film Festival, India (2009)
  • Special Jury Award – Maharashtra State Film Awards, India (2009)
  • Best Editing Award – Ahmadabad International Film Festival, India (2009)
  • Awarded – Hubert Bals Fund for Distribution
  • Official Selection – Festival International du film de Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Official Selection – Transylvania International Film Festival, Romania
  • Official Selection – Durban International Film festival, South Africa
  • Official Selection – Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), LA
  • Official Selection – Vancouver International film festival, Canada
  • Official Selection – Warsaw International film festival, Poland
  • Official Selection – Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Official Selection – Habitat Film Festival, New Delhi, India
  • Official Selection – Goa Marathi Film festival, India
  • Official Selection – Kolhapur International Film Festival, India
  • First Prize – BMM Convetion Film Festival, Philadelphia, USA