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Its almost a week now, but still i couldnt stop myself from writing about this marathi play…!

“Zopi Gelela Jaga Zala” was worth a watch. This is not because of its starcast or not because its an old marathi cult classic or not because its presented in new format by all famous marathi actors. The main crux of this play is the performances and their timings especially. Actually the plot of the play is not that great, but the way director (Vijay Kenkare) has directed the play, hats off. All the characters have played there part with utmost sincereity.

Bharat Jadhav, Sunil Barve, Viju Khote, Bhargavi Chirmule and all others were simply superb. Actually when the play starts, you dont immediately connect with the plot becasue Viju Khote’s character start dialouges in Hindi and you feel out of place for first 15-20 mins. But then the play just takes you on a hilarious ride for 3 hours.

I would specially like to mention about the actor (sorry dont know the name) who played the role of detective. I think i laughed a lot only during his presence on stage. There was nothing great about the dialouges that he delivered, neither was his appearance comic. The only thing special was the uncanny manner in which he used to say “Turr uurrrrrrr urrrrrrrrrrr”…remembering the audience about the background music of a suspence movie. Actually this must be sounding childish now but once you are in the story and suddenly that actor, in a complete off beat timing, starts that tune, the hall would roar out in laughter.

Bharat Jadhav and Sunil Barve were at there all time best. Yes i forgot about the doctor played by Satish Pulekar. He too was great.

All n all, the play was great and we enjoyed a lot. In this era of “2 Anki” natak, this is a special treat of “3 anki” natak. Dont miss this one.

Last but not the least : A “Bada Wala” thank you to Sunil Barve and the entire team of SUBAK for bringing such good oldies in a new and entertaining format…GREAT!!!

K Sarang

P.S : I still dont understand why specially people from Pune, literally ATTACK the Wada-Pau during the interval, as if they have never had one in there entire life before…strange but true…(MANO YA NA MANO)!!!