People generally say that you should have knowledge of Raag, understanding of music and what not to enjoy the concerts like this…But…this was all proven wrong by these stalwarts of music in a mesmerizing concert at Ganesh Kala Krida manch here in Pune on 3rd of Dec 2011.

As already publicized in all the forms of communication, these two maestros of music were performing together for the first time in 25 years. But during the concert no one could even imagine if really that was the case. However somewhere i personally felt that Zakhir Bhai was a bit uncomfortable at times, during the entire performance.

During the entire 3 hours, it was Ustat-ji (Amzadji aka Khaan saheb) who were holding the mike and narrating the raag and its nuances and its history and its style before presenting it. Not once did Zaakir bhai held the mike in the entire concert. as per me he should have said something. The reason is, this was my third time that i was seeing Zakhir Bhai performaing live on stage and he is pretty witty on mike and has a good sense of humour too.

I personally do not understand the Raagas. But god has given me great musical ears, for which i am really thankful to him. Amzad Ali Khaan saheb were telling that now he is goign to play Baageshri, Kedar, Chaaru Keshi, Zila etc, i used to follow nothing. But once he and Zakir Bhai started playing the instruments, it was pure “MAKKHAN” for the ears…! In each and every raag,they used to start slow, then each one used to show different variations and kalakaaari and finally they used to end the performance taking the audience to a new high with there fantaboulus Jugal-Bandi. It was real treat for the ears.

All and all the concert was great and truly memorable. Will look for some more concerts in the future and will keep on posting how i felt about it.Till then…

Happy Criticising

K Sarang