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“Jindagi tabhi MEHESUS hoti hai jab jindagi MAYUS hoti hai”

“Dil bhale hi LEFT mey hota ho, par uske faisale hamesha RIGHT hote hai”

“Touch to bohoto ne kiya, par CHUA kisine bhi nahi…!”

These and many more dialouges just push you unknowlingly to say “WAH”.

Just saw “The Dirty Pitcure” and thought of bowing down then and there itself in the multiplex, for the performance of Vidya Balan, for which i have no words. This is by far one of the best performances i have ever seen of Vidya. This performance is special because Viday has just literally LIVED Silk onscreen. That:

■Increased weight

■Fluffy tummy

■Facial expressions

■Big thighs

■Overall Attitude

It was all amazing.One thing is worth noting here, that even if she has exposed herself to the limits, but that did not seem cheap or vulgur. It does not tickle you in the wrong fashion. Viday has always been a wonderful actress and a beautiful looking lady. However in this movie she has crossed all the limts and has really raised the bar.

Naseer and Tushaar has also played there part. But the surprise here is Emraan. For the first time, i think, people will like his performance, for the right reason. Emraan has really played a sensible character.

Direction of Milan Luthria is amazing and the music is also ok. Sufiana was a very well done song apart from Ooo la la..Ooo la..la. However i personally feel that some of the double meaning dialouges could have been excluded from the film.

But the main attraction of the film is VIDYA and the DIALOUGES written by Rajat Arora. Rajat Arora has really written some very good and deep meaning dialouges. Kudos.

Taking the cue from SILK, i would definitely say that…”Ye movie kewal teen cheezo keliye dekhni chahiye… ■VIDYA BALAN ■VIDYA BALAN aur ■VIDYA BALAN…!

K Sarang